Fulchoki and Shivapuri National park

There are over 500 birds found inside the Kathmandu valley alone, the prime location of Bird watching in Kathmandu is Shivapuri National park and Fulchoki. The endemic bird of Nepal is also found in Shivapuri national park. Other birds are Rufous-bellied Woodpecker, Kalij Pheasant, Hill Partridge, Great Barbet, Wedge-tailed Green Pigeon, Eurasian Jay, Nepal Fulvetta, Asian Paradise-Flycatcher, Shrikes, Magpies, etc.


Best season for Birdwatching:

Birdwatching can be favorable during any month except the monsoon season.


How to get there:

Shivapuri national park and Fulchoki both lie in close proximity to Kathmandu valley and can be reached relatively easily.

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Fulchoki and Shivapuri National park