Cloud Buster paragliding

1 Day

We take off from Sarangkot and thermal above the valley, recipe sour along pristine ridges of trees, view over villages, and often hear shouts from below as people stare with wonder at these bird-men circling above them. We end the flight with a glide over the lake and return via vehicle to Lakeside.


Enjoy the thrills of paragliding over spectacular landscapes taking unbelievable views of the Himalayan mountains, pristine lakes, and verdant valleys like nowhere else on earth.

Tandem flying involves a pilot flying with a passenger. Both of them have separate harnesses
that are attached to each other and the wing. Paragliding harnesses are built for comfort and
safety. After take-off, the passenger just sits back, relaxes, and takes in the epic scenery. Even taking
pictures is not a problem and we can take off from most of the mountains in Nepal.


Day 1: Drive to Sarangkot and fly for (20-30 minutes) land somewhere at the lakeshore and drive back to Hotel.


We will take you from your hotel or Lakeside and drive to Sarangkot where you gone fly after flying take off somewhere lake shore and drive back to your hotel or drop in Lakeside.

Is paragliding safe to fly?

Basically, paragliding is safe as long as you make it safe.

How old do you have to be for Paragliding?

For Tandem flights if you are under Ten years of age parental consent is required.

How much do you have to weigh to Paragliding?

Mostly tandem Paragliders can safely glide with a total weight of up to 240 Kilograms (259 Pounds).

Cost Includes:

  • Transport to take-off point (Sarangkot) and Landing to hotel or Lakeside.
  • On-flight Photos/ Video
  • All necessary gears.

Cost Excludes:

  • Other than mentioned in includes.
  • Personal Insurance.

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Cloud Buster paragliding
From $ 95
/ Adult
From $ 75 $ 70
/ Group