Cross Country Paragliding - 1 Day


Enjoy the thrills of paragliding over spectacular landscapes taking is unbelievable views of the Himalayan mountains, pristine lakes and verdant valleys like nowhere else on earth.

Tandem flying involves a pilot flying with a passenger. Both of them have separate harnesses
that are attached to each other and the wing. Paragliding harnesses are built for comfort and
safety. After take-off, the passenger just sits back, relaxes and takes in the epic scenery. Even taking
pictures is not a problem and we can take off from most of the mountains in Nepal.

This flight allows you to get a taste of the exploration side of flying. There is the possibility of
soaring along the long ridge leading down the valley and Fewa Lake, prostate with the
Annapurna range to your right. We will return and land near the lake where a vehicle will be
waiting to take us back to Lakeside.

Duration: 45-60 Min.

Cost Includes:
Transport: (Starting & Landing)
On flight Photo/ Video

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Price From USD $ 180/person
Total $ 180 USD